Frugal Travel Ideas

Do you Need Some Ideas for Cheap Trips?

Everybody needs to enjoy a break from the normal routine now and then. However, it might be tough to justify an expensive vacation when budgets get tight. After all, it is no fun taking a vacation in June and paying off credit card debt the next January. Consider some great ideas to enjoy a vacation for a lot less than you might normally think you would have to spend.

Freighter Cruises

Most people don’t realize that some commercial freighters offer accommodations for passengers. If you have always dreamed of having an adventure at sea, but cannot afford the luxury of a 5-star liner, why not consider traveling by freighter?

River Cruises

Another solution for travel by water might be a river cruise. These river boats offer a chance to see interesting landscape and cities and towns a long a major river. You can find these both in Europe and the United States and they offer a potentially less expensive alternative to a trip across the ocean. You could choose between day cruises and trips that last for several days.

Day Trips

If you can’t afford to take time away from work or family, plot out some interesting day trips that will give you a chance to take your family for a ride. Almost anywhere in the U.S. has some beach, lake, national park, or interesting attraction nearby. If you want to save even more money, you could pack a picnic lunch and snacks in the car.

Get on the Bus

Bus passes are really cheap compared to airline fairs, and they may even be cheaper than driving. Sure, you’ll have to spend some time watching the countryside and catching up on your reading, but you can relax and leave the driving to them. You can even buy summer bus passes that allow you to take several trips for one fair.

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